Software Development

The growing complexity of software, and the production requirements, make the software development process less predictable. Tight time constraints and small budgets together with missing know-how and the lack of R. & D. (research and development) resources result in bad software quality, putting the project at risk.

We are specialized in helping companies to avoid such risks. A flexible planning concerning man power without burdening the budget and the access to know-how in special topics without long training periods of your own team add to your benefit.

With broad experience gained in past projects we offer services in software development as an independent partner.

Consulting Management and optimization Development
  • Consulting during the planning phase of projects
  • Consulting regarding architectural decisions and help in selecting appropriate technologies
  • Development of prototypes, feasibility analysis, and time-and-effort estimation
  • Project management
  • Organizing and tightening the development process
  • Introduction of automated test cycles
  • Independent realization of projects
  • Integration of our team into existing development processes
  • Complete development or support during time critical situations

Quality Assurance

The prerequisite for the success of a software project is to develop high quality software.

Quality can only be achieved by intensive testing. A well structured test plan, efficient test development, continuous test runs, and significant test reports are the premises to reach the above stated goal. In most projects these premises result in difficulties. Tight time lines and cost pressure, insufficient manpower, missing know-how, and the absence of efficient and easy to use test tools result in neglecting the quality assurance.

We have long time experience in the fields of software development, quality assurance, and test automation.

We are experienced in using established test tools and offer our services and products for integration tests to support you in succeeding with your project.

On top of consulting on implementing test processes and the execution of quality assurance procedures we are offering our product:

Klaros-Testmanagement, a web based application for managing and evaluating information available during the software quality assurance process.

  • Support in all phases of the quality assurance process
  • Compilation of test requirements
  • Planning, development, and execution of software tests
  • Automation of test executiont
  • Development of automated test platforms
  • Training


Working in different fields of information technology and with different operating systems helped developing a broad knowledge base in our team.

Besides relying on commercial standard applications in our projects we are open on employing open source technologies and open standards.


  • JEE application server development
  • Java development
  • XML technology
  • SQL databases
  • Web services
  • Eclipse plug-ins


Business areas
  • Banking
  • Electronic payment transactions
  • Mobile payment systems
  • Security solutions
  • Automotive/Navigation Units